Zwilling Enfingy Power Blender review

One minute review

Zwilling JA Henckels is a German kitchen brand that was founded almost 300 years ago. Originally the brand was known for its kitchen knives, but over the years the range has expanded considerably through both innovation and acquisition of other brands. It has only recently become involved in the kitchen appliance market with the launch of its Enfinigy range of countertop appliances in 2020.

It now has three blenders on offer, two full-size and one personal blender – although only one full-size blender is currently available in the US. The Zwilling Enfingy Power Blender is the best blender (opens in new tab) of the bunch, the most expensive and versatile blender you can buy from the brand.

It comes with a 64 oz/1.8 liter Tritan jug and, as you would expect from a knife manufacturer, a high quality stainless steel serrated blade, with what they call piranha teeth. There are four automatic programs, as well as a pulse and an automatic cleaning program. In addition, you can choose from 12 manual speed levels and everything is controlled via one central control knob, making it easy to use and giving a streamlined look.

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Our test results were somewhat mixed, the ice crush program produced chopped ice cream that was more crumbly than we expected, but the smoothie program did a great job crushing a bunch of ingredients into a lump-free drink. We successfully made a thick glossy mayo, but only on the second try. That said, it’s a fast, powerful blender that can handle most mixing tasks. It’s expensive, though, so it’s best for those with a lot of disposable income who want a nice blender to complement a modern, streamlined kitchen.

Zwilling Enfingy Power Blender: price and availability

  • List Price: $400 / £349 / AU$576