Your Tesla is one step closer to a Steam Deck rival

Tesla CEO Elon Musk could finally turn your electric car into a very large Steam Deck if you are to believe his own tweet.

Responding to an account celebrating the Tesla gaming capabilities as they exist today Musk said his company (opens in new tab) is “making progress with Steam integration.” Adding that a demo is coming next month (August 2022), “probably”.

Based on the non-committal nature of the tweet, it’s well worth taking Musk’s pledge with a grain of salt – like his promise to buy Twitter, there’s a chance he could backtrack on this too and can delay the Steam Tesla demo for another month (or longer). But at the very least, it sounds like the ability to play Steam games on your Tesla is a step closer to reality.

Are you ready to replace your Steam deck with a car? Credit: Valve/Bandai Namco

Musk first discussed bringing Steam games to Tesla in February. At the time, he explained (opens in new tab) that the ability to bring an entire platform of supported games to Tesla’s entertainment system was much better for long-term health than porting individual titles one at a time.

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