Workday Human Capital Management Review

Workday (or more accurately, Workday, Inc) is a cloud-based provider of financial management and human capital management offerings and is based in Pleasanton, California. It all started with a meeting of two former PeopleSoft executives, Aneel Bhusri (currently co-CEO) and David Duffield at a California restaurant in 2005, which resulted in a startup. This company has grown over the years, both organically and through more than a dozen acquisitions, the most recent being the acquisition of VNDLY in November 2021.

Workday now has over $4.5 billion in quarterly revenue, growing 20% ​​from its last quarterly report with over 7,900 customers and 455 million users. In addition to human capital management, current offerings include financial management, talent management, and professional services automation.

You will need to contact Workday directly for pricing information based on your organization’s needs. (Image credit: Workday)

Packages and rates

Workday does not list any prices on its website, which is an all too common practice among cloud service providers. Workday instead follows the usual routine of requesting work credentials through its web portal; he can alternatively be contacted directly by telephone. Once they have a valid business email and phone number and know who they are dealing with, Workday can then understand your potential business needs and provide a personalized quote.

Right off the bat, potential users should be aware that there is no free tier, and nowhere does it say there is a free trial. By browsing the Internet, we were able to glean that the contracts last several years and that the monthly fees can be paid monthly, or with a saving, annually. Pricing for the plan is based on the number of users, with a subscription cost for each employee enrolled in the system. This is designed for large businesses and not for small businesses.

Levels and options are not listed on the website. Apparently, there are possibilities for the HR software on its own or combined with other Workday software solutions.


Workday offers many features to track and take care of your workers (Image credit: Workday)


Workday Human Capital Management is a modern solution to HR problems, with the aim of reflecting our current global challenges and targeting current areas, such as employee engagement. It is a complete solution, which covers multiple HR needs of the company:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organization management
  • Process management
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Self-service for employees and managers
  • Absence management
  • Compensation management
  • Performance and goal management
  • talent management
  • Survey framework
  • Management of casual labor

Workday runs on a variety of platforms, including desktops and smartphones. It’s also easy to integrate with other Workday products, eliminating the need for data migrations and the invariably glitched add-on software. As it is cloud-based, this means that Workday is always the latest version and updated at the server level, which makes it easier for the user to use.

We like the flexibility with which Workday is built, so that employees can be grouped into logical financial groups, by who they report to, or by geography. Additional flexibility is offered through the business process framework, which can incorporate embedded information, and process flows that can be configured to suit the application.


Figuring out support options for Workday is also too amorphous for our liking. Before you call us conspiracy theorists, please understand that we get at least a little suspicious when there’s no easy way to get help directly from a company, but we still find the information on sales at every turn – which is our experience with the Workday site.

The Workday site lists a number of services that are provided to its customers. These include onboarding when you choose this provider and an annual activity review to check in and see how the service is working for you. The top of the support page also says it’s 24 hour support, which we like to see. It also has “customer service”, but no contact method is listed. That’s right, there is no phone number on the site that we found, other than for sales.

Instead, users contact Workday through its customer support portal. Here, the customer can designate the severity of the issue, with a targeted response under 60 minutes for a Tier 1 issue.

Resource Center

You must first register before you can view Workday self-help resources (Image credit: Workday)

There’s also a Workday Resource Center, where users can request new features, learn about updates, and interact with other customers. We wanted to see how robust this community was and gauge the level of support here, but again there was no transparency and it’s locked down to limit access via email login to verified customers only. . We also tried the chatbot, asking for more support information, and received the following automated response: “If you are an employee who wants access to your company’s Workday HR application, you will need to contact IT or HR”, which left us wondering what level of support is provided locally by IT or HR versus Workday.

final verdict

Workday has a combination of features and flaws that is a bit of a dichotomy. The large number of business customers can be catered for with the adaptable feature set, 24/7 support with fast turnaround, and interface with other Workday products. However, there are plenty of downsides here, starting with the completely opaque pricing, lack of a direct support phone number, the community forum is for members only, and the product is for businesses only. , so not suitable for small businesses. Overall, take a good look and see if Workday meets your business needs.

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