This could be the best off-road e-bike we’ve seen yet…but it costs almost $7k

Trek’s great-looking new electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) offer riding support with a sleek frame that looks like a regular bike — but if you want one of these streamlined rides, you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg.

The new Fuel EXe range (opens in new tab) is designed around the brand new HPR50 mid-motor, which was developed in collaboration with TQ – a German robotics company (via New Atlas (opens in new tab)). The HPR part stands for Harmonic Pin Ring Transmission and means the motor works in the same way as a more typical rotary motor, but in a smaller package. An example of this is that it weighs only 1.8 kg.

Plus, Trek says it should be quieter than a regular eMTB bike with a sound that’s “5x more pleasant and 1.8x quieter”. We’d have to try this bike ourselves to determine if it’s really more pleasant to listen to, but a quieter motor would certainly be appreciated – so you can absorb more of the sound of nature as you trek wilderness trails.

(Image credit: Trek)

As for the battery, you get 360 Wh as standard, with an optional add-on of a 160 Wh range extender. The normal battery will give you between two and five hours of powered ride – with the length of time depending on the level of boost you’re using – and the battery pack will reportedly add up to two and a half hours of extra juice to your tank.

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