Thinkware X1000 review | GadgetMasti

The Thinkware X1000 dashcam is from a brand that really knows how to shoot video on the go. This model has also proved popular with buyers so far, and it’s easy to see why.

Everything is included in the box, including two cameras, to help you get the most out of dashcam surveillance. The downside is that you have to hardwire it to get the most out of its potential. But if you don’t mind this, or the absence of built-in GPS or Wi-Fi for cloud backups, this is one of the best dash cameras you can buy.

Take a look inside the box and you will find everything you need. There are the two cameras, one of which is the front-facing unit and the other a smaller rear-facing model. You will also be provided with the cabling required to complete the hardwiring installation.

(Image credit: Future)

While this wiring can be done by a beginner, you may be better off spending your time and money with someone installing it for you. The great advantage of this route is of course that it is always ready for use and that any cabling can be safely concealed.