Sustainability is central to device innovation for this forward-thinking brand

On Day 3 of our time at IFA 2022 (opens in new tab) we took a front row seat at the keynote of Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik. The venue was quite packed and we were looking forward to hearing the vision for solving some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity, along with a new water-saving innovation where everything was meant to be.

Arçelik is the leading global home appliance manufacturer and parent company of 12 brands, including Beko and Grundig. You may have seen some of the best coffee makers (opens in new tab) and best vacuum cleaners (opens in new tab) in the UK are from Beko, as well as major appliances, and Grundig is paving the way for sustainable innovation in Europe with the categories of personal care and home appliances.

It became clear very early in the presentation that the parent company promotes sustainability in their product innovations and production. Heavy statistics were shared such as 40% of global electricity is used by electric motors, air conditioners, refrigeration and lighting, which is a lot of energy for our everyday appliances.

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The new innovation launched, but not yet available to purchase, is the Beko SaveWater line of appliances with a dishwasher and washer/dryer duo.

The dishwasher uses only 6.9 liters of water to efficiently wash a full load of water, compared to Beko dishwashers with the same energy level and capacity, but without SaveWater technology. The feature saves water from the final rinse phase of the wash cycle and hygienically and safely stores it in the machine’s specially designed water tank so that it can be reused at the start of the next wash, saving households 2.6 liters of water with every wash with the Eco program.

This reuse of water is also a theme in the washer and dryer duo. The tumble dryer works in conjunction with compatible Beko washing machines, where the water collected during the drying cycle is fed directly into the washing machine to be used in the next wash cycle. During each drying cycle, up to 5.2 liters of water is collected and safely stored to supply the washing machine with water.

It’s really genius. This was unlike any of the other innovations we’d seen at IFA 2022, and we were so impressed that we awarded it Best Large Appliance in the GadgetMasti IFA Awards.

IFA 2022 award with product

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After the keynote we spent some time at Grundig’s booth. The brand aims to inspire daily action in the pursuit of a better future with products that promote sustainability without compromising quality, in line with its motto “It starts at home”. There was a lot of brown, laced with green, used in the displays, which immediately made us feel like we were in touch with nature.

They had a new range to combine with some of the best category of robot vacuums: the VCR 6270 and VCR 7230. These were Grundig’s very first robot vacuums, the only difference being that the 7230 was self-emptying. We would have loved to review one of these floor cleaning devices, but alas, as with the hair dryer we saw (opens in new tab)it is not available to review or buy in the UK.

It was the same with the Grundig VCC 7170 Eco. It’s a canister vacuum cleaner that may not look that special, but 52% of the plastic used in its design is recycled. This was really refreshing to see and it’s a design consideration that we’d love to see more of.

New Grundig VCC 7170 Eco vacuum cleaner on display at IFA 2022

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The future of sustainability for Arçelik

There is a clear strategy for the Arçelik team, and that is to be more sustainable in everything they do. It is recognized that sustainability is more important than ever. Consumers are looking for brands they think they can trust and that reassure them.

Arçelik has long adapted sustainability as a business model and has made it central to everything they do. For example, they aim to achieve net-zero emissions in all operations by 2050 through green investments in renewable energy; they will increase the amount of recycled plastic in all their products to 40% and biobased to 5%; and the brand will reduce energy consumption and water extraction per product by 45% in production (compared to base year 2015).

We are innovating internally how we can be much more cost efficient and not shift the entire burden onto the consumer, especially in these current times. Your utility bill will be much higher because you work from home, the need to replace the appliance will remain. On the one hand you want to save the planet and on the other hand there is the urgency to move from an old appliance to a new appliance to get a more energy efficient appliance. Our moto is to stimulate the need for energy-saving devices while making the products more accessible.

Ragip Balcıoğlu, Chief Commercial Office

We spoke to Ragip Balcıoğlu, Chief Commercial Officer at Arçelik, who reiterated these plans and will synchronize the more sustainable being with the cost of living we all face.

Making the energy-saving, sustainable products more accessible to consumers (you, our readers) is a core focus for Arçelik. They have invested €93 million ($92.5 million / £80.4 million / $AU 135.9 million) in research and development by 2021 and will continue to listen to their consumers and respond to the needs of the consumer in their future innovations. planet.

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