Steelcase Series 2 task chair reviews

The ergonomic chair market is more relevant than ever, with many of us working from home or, at the very least, finding ourselves sedentary for long periods of time. While there are a few affordable options in the office and gaming chair categories, most of the best ergonomic chairs attract a hefty premium.

The Steelcase Series 2 is one of the more affordable chairs in its class, and thanks to its immense customization, you don’t need to shell out extra for optional extras you don’t want or don’t have. need.

The model we looked at was the task chair configuration (rather than the stool) and had no armrests or headrests, making it the most compact configuration possible. It features Steelcase’s 3D Microknit support, adjustable lumbar support, and soft casters suitable for hard surfaces.

(Image credit: Steelcase)

Steelcase Series 2 pricing and availability

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