Steam Adds Support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

Valve continues to expand the range of controllers that can be used with Steam by adding support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons as part of the latest beta update.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con support tops the very short list of changes in the Steam Client Beta community update post (opens in new tab) for August. Not only does the message confirm that Nintendo Switch has added Joy-Con support, it also notes that Joy-Cons support is “both singly as a mini gamepad and combined in pairs”.

At the moment, support is only in the Steam Client Beta. To sign up for this, you can do so in the ‘Account’ section of the Steam settings menu. Since the beta was released on August 4, Valve has re-released it on August 5, hopefully to fix any issues encountered by those trying to plug in the controllers.

What a pleasure

Of course, it’s not every Nintendo Switch owner who likes the small, clunky Joy-Cons. If you fall into that camp, or you’re just trying to figure out how to fix Joy-Con drift right now, you’ll be glad to know that the more substantial Nintendo Switch Pro controller got Steam support all the way back in the year. 2018.

Even more recent than that – June (opens in new tab)in fact – Valve added support for the collection of classic Nintendo Switch Online controllers to the Steam beta before pushing it to the main Steam client in July (opens in new tab). This collection includes the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 wireless controllers. This most recent beta version notes that it also offers “enhanced support” for these controllers.

All in all, this means that Steam now has quite an extensive support system for the official range of Nintendo Switch controllers. If Nintendo controller support isn’t your thing at all, Steam controller support is broad and includes the DualSense wireless controller and the Xbox Elite wireless controller.