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In 2008, a software startup called Simperium released the first version of simple note (opens in new tab)an application to make take notes (opens in new tab) easy for users. A year later, it released a premium version of the app that removed ads and added extra features like syncing notes with the Dropbox storage app.

In 2013, Automattic, a well-known software company, bought Simperium and its flagship Simplenote app. Automattic is best known as the developer of WordPress, the popular content management system (CMS) that powers over 40% of all websites.

After buying Simplenote, Automattic released Android and Linux versions of the app and also suspended the premium version, making it free for everyone. In 2016, the company released the source code for the Simplenote client apps, making it open source (opens in new tab) and very customer oriented.

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