Rollerdrome is Doom Eternal on roller skates – and it’s as good as it sounds

I roller skate at maximum speed and still have a sniper’s laser sight pinned to my torso. I wait for the last minute, just as they’re about to pull the trigger, to dodge the incoming bullet and fire my shotgun—right for the brute swinging a pointed mace at my forehead. After running to the nearest halfpipe, I spin a nosegrab in the air to replenish my pistol ammo and land on a gravel rail – right at the shooters.

Now all I have to do is shoot a few target missiles from the sky, engage slow motion, and unload my dual pistols – all before making my way to safety. I feel like a martial artist on wheels. I look like a super fast jumpsuit of death. And I’m having an incredible amount of fun.

This is Rollerdrome, an upcoming single player arena shooter from Roll7 that enrolls you in the titular fictional blood sport. Rollerdrome consists of a series of deathmatches that come together in a complete single-player story campaign, challenging you to fight waves of enemies in battle arenas dotted with skatepark paraphernalia. With nothing but a sleek arsenal of weapons in hand and a pair of roller skates at your feet, pump up combos, tick off challenges and perform a whole host of sick tricks worthy of the most extreme sports games.

(Image credit: Roll7)

While lead producer Drew Jones succinctly describes Rollerdrome as “a shooter on roller skates,” studio fans may recognize it more as a mash-up of two of Roll7’s previous releases. Combining Olli Olli’s fluid, cel-shaded skating with Laser League’s frenetic arena survival, the game has taken a strikingly strange premise towards what could be its zenith.

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