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You may not be familiar with Roidmi, it’s because having been launched in 2015, it’s a relative newcomer to the floor care market. However, in this short time, Roidmi has won several design awards for its cleaning devices and certainly has a design-driven approach to the products it creates. With several popular models under its belt, Roidmi is ready to compete with big floor care brands like Dyson and Shark.

The Z1 Air is the brand’s latest cordless vacuum and is its most affordable model to date, although it’s not available in the US or Australia. And as you’d expect from a cheaper vacuum, it doesn’t come with any accessories as standard. But given that some accessories often end up gathering dust, we don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. You can buy any extra accessories you might need and this way you only give storage space to the ones you will use.

With up to an hour of runtime as well as three power levels to choose from, this cordless vacuum doesn’t lack in features despite its lower price. It has a multiple air filtration system and what Roidmi calls triple noise reduction technology for quieter suction.

In the test, it impressed us with its good grip on carpets and hard floors, it is robust and maneuverable but is better on hard floors than on carpets. It’s great for anyone looking for a more affordable cordless vacuum as long as you don’t have too many carpets to contend with.

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Roidmi Z1 Air price and availability

The Roidmi Z1 Air is available via Euronics online at £199. It is not available in the United States or Australia.

This is an affordable cordless stick vacuum that comes with a limited range of attachments. Additional accessories including flexible extension tube, pet brush and electric pet bed/mattress brush can be purchased directly from Roidmi.

The Roidmi Z1 Air with all its accessories

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  • Modern matte white look
  • Three power levels
  • 0.65 liter dust container

This elegant matte white vacuum cleaner has a stylish appearance. It comes with a floor head, an extension and a crevice tool. There’s also a wall bracket in the box, although this doesn’t actually hold the vacuum off the floor, it just holds it to the wall as long as the floor head rests on the floor to support the weight. There’s no bulky charging station though, just a regular power adapter that plugs directly into the head unit.

There is an on/off switch on the handle, one press turns the vacuum on and another press turns it off, no need to hold the button down. On the top of the handle there is another knob to adjust the power level. , choose between eco, standard and boost modes. There’s no light or display to confirm what power level you’re on, so you have to cycle through them and rely on the loudest sound to confirm you’re in boost mode.

The 0.65 liter bin isn’t the largest we’ve seen, but it should hold enough dirt for several cleanings and it empties easily by holding it above the bin and pressing the release button. unlocking. A cleaning brush is provided in the box, useful for cleaning the filters, but they are also washable. It is recommended to replace the filter every three months.

The main part of the handheld weighs only 1.6 kg without accessories and when the extension rod and the floor head are attached, it weighs 2.7 kg. The overall size is 119.1 x 25.9 x 22.1 cm (hxwxd), but it can be taken apart for easier storage if you are short on space.

The Roidmi Z1 Air suction mat

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  • Less control on the carpet
  • Can feel heavy
  • Easy switching between power levels

With very little assembly required and few accessories to choose from, this simple cordless vacuum is easy to use and after charging it’s ready to go straight from the box. It doesn’t stand on its own, so when using it with the main floor head, you’ll have to put it on the floor or lean it against something if you have to stop briefly to pick up a misplaced sock.

The motorized floor head is highly maneuverable and pivots easily around corners, gliding smoothly over hard floors. But it can get a bit spirited on the mat, especially in boost mode. The higher the power setting, the more the rotating brush pulls the vacuum and the less control we feel we have over the direction of movement on the carpet. Conversely, on a high-pile carpet, it does not glide very well and requires a little effort to push.

In general, dirt collection is good, carpets were left noticeably cleaner, although there was some stray debris around the edges of the room. However, by switching to the crevice tool, we picked up everything the main floor chef missed. Hair was picked up from the mat without tangling in the rotating brush. It excels on hard floors, picking up all the dust and debris in its path.

Despite its lightness, it felt heavy after prolonged periods of use, but you shouldn’t notice that too much if you just glance at the kitchen floor. Although if you plan to use it in handheld mode you will notice that it feels heavy quite quickly.

For stairs, we attached the downstairs head directly to the handheld vacuum, which makes it quite heavy and difficult to use. But the large floor head did a quick job of tackling stairs and the crevice tool was helpful in collecting dirt from the edges of each step.

Emptying the dust container is simple, the lid opens allowing dirt to fall out. But we had to pull out some lint by hand as the hairs got tangled around the central filter and trapped them inside. We found the filters a bit tricky to remove the first time around, but once you know how, it’s pretty straightforward.

The vacuum is loudest in boost mode, registering 78dB on carpet and 80dB on hard floors, which is the same noise level as a truck traveling down the road at 40mph, making it the one of the noisiest cordless vacuums we’ve tested. However, eco mode was noticeably quieter.

The Roidmi Z1 Air used in handheld mode to clean carpeted stairs

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Battery life

  • Vacuum lasts up to 60 minutes
  • Three hour charge
  • Lights up to indicate battery level

Runtime depends on the operating mode, you should get up to an hour in eco mode, 30 minutes in standard mode and 10 minutes in boost mode according to Roidmi. We tested it in boost mode and the battery lasted nine minutes of vacuuming with the main floorhead.

There is a power indicator in the form of three lights next to the charging port. As the battery drains, the lights turn off, so when there’s only one on, you know the battery level is low. According to Roidmi, it takes three hours to charge and sure enough, when we let the battery run out, a full recharge took around 2 hours 50 minutes. The three lights flash while charging and stay on after it’s fully charged.

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