Philips B8905 Dolby Atmos soundbar review: the best 3D sound on a low budget

Philips B8905: two-minute review

The Philips B8905 (which you might also see called the TAB8905) is a big Dolby Atmos soundbar that launched at a price to rival similar Atmos bars from the likes of Sonos and Samsung. Except it’s now had a huge price cut to put it in line with more mid-range soundbars, yet it still delivers high-end features and 3D sound skills.

So in this Philips B8905 review, we’re going to be judging it at its new price, because our understanding after discussing it with Philips is that it should be staying at the new lower price long-term. And based on that, and it’s ridiculous collection of features, it’s an undeniable bargain.