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The popularity of the PDF format has given rise to many different applications for PDF documents and hence a wide variety of tools to work with. Some PDF editors are very straightforward, offering little more than basic conversion functionality and maybe some highlighting and other minor tweaks. Others are much more powerful, rivaling office suites in their editing capabilities. Finding a good PDF editor starts with identifying your own needs.

PDFelement sits somewhere in the middle between the two ends of the spectrum. While not as powerful as some of the top apps in this market, it is also not just a simple PDF editor. It comes with various features which can be useful to a wide range of users and can let you do some interesting things with your documents. However, it suffers from a higher price tag than most other tools in its class.

There are two paid plans available for PDFelement and Wondershare also offers a free trial so that you can test the software before purchasing it. (Image credit: Wondershare)

Packages and prices

PDFelement comes with a free trial that provides full access to the app’s features for a limited time. Beyond that, there are premium subscription plans that can be paid for either annually or semester. There are no monthly subscription options, although the site at least shows an overview of the cost of the selected plan per month. PDFelement Standard costs $ 69 / year, while the Pro version costs $ 79.

The app has received reviews for its price, with comments pointing out that competing PDF editors generally cost less, and some of them even offer more features. Still, PDFelement is one of the best solutions out there, and the continued support the app has received over the years may justify its price tag. Those looking for something that will likely stay relevant for a long time will be satisfied.


You can edit, annotate, create and convert PDFs with PDFeditor (Image credit: Wondershare)


PDFelement offers a variety of features for editing documents. Standard markup features are available – users can change the font family and size of the text, make it bold / underline, highlight parts of the document, and even make various structural changes. The tool can also create PDFs from other file formats. Combined with its advanced support for batch operations, this makes it a good choice for those who regularly need to convert large volumes of files and want a convenient and fast solution for it.


Work on PDFs on the go with the PDFelement mobile app (Image credit: Wondershare)

Documents can also be split into separate documents, password protected, and the app can automatically extract data from documents that have been scanned and executed through its OCR engine. On that note, PDFelement stands out with a reliable and robust OCR system that tends to perform better than most competing solutions on the market.


PDFelement has a simple and clean user interface (Image credit: Wondershare)

Interface and in use

The app looks like most modern office suites in its interface, and everything is exactly where you’d expect it to be. The tools are categorized into several main tabs, with individual buttons providing access to specific functionality. Users familiar with editing documents on a computer should have no problem navigating the menus of PDFelement, including those who wish to make more advanced edits.

The only complaint we have in this regard is that the interface can sometimes seem a bit big, especially on small screens. There aren’t many options for configuring how the app looks, and if you don’t like its style of using big buttons for everything, you might be a little unhappy. Other than that, there are no major issues that stand out with the interface and layout of PDFelement.


Wondershare provides user guides and video tutorials for PDFelement on its website (Image credit: Wondershare)


Wondershare is a household name in the small tool and utility industry, and one of the hallmarks the company stands out for is the quality of its customer support. You can expect issues to be resolved quickly and with a knowledgeable attitude, and that’s even if you should contact their support in the first place. Many of your questions will likely be answered in the Knowledge Base already, so take a look around to see if your issue is resolved.

The competition

There are several other PDF editors on the market, and some of them offer more features than PDFelement for a lower price. Some options worth checking out include Foxit PDF Editor, Nitro, and of course Adobe Acrobat. It’s hard to say whether PDFelement is objectively better or worse than many of them, because while it lacks in some areas, it stands out in other ways. The free trial should be enough for most people to assess what the app has to offer and if it is right for their needs.

Final verdict

It is a well-designed PDF editor with various features that should satisfy most of the people including some advanced users. While the app lacks some standard features in other editors, it leaves nothing to be desired. For the most part, this is a more than adequate application with enough to satisfy the average user. If you are looking for a long-term subscription, you may want to explore other options, especially the publishers offered for a one-time purchase as opposed to a recurring annual subscription. For a long enough period of time, PDFelement can actually get quite expensive, especially if you are using the Pro version.

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