Oral-B iO 7 Series Review

Two-minute review

Last year, Oral-B launched the iO 9 series – a premium electric toothbrush with a super-quiet motor, sleek design, and real-time brushing feedback on the brush handle or in the toothbrush. smartphone app. It cleaned well, was a pleasure to use, and earned itself a spot at the top of our guide to the best electric toothbrushes. The only downside was its cost – with an introductory price of around AED 1,200, it was one of the most expensive brushes on the market.

Now there’s an alternative: the Oral-B iO Series 7, which gives you the best features of the iO Series 9, for a significantly lower price. Oral-B didn’t cut any significant corners to achieve this; the iO9 Series 7 is basically the same as its more expensive counterpart, and the overall experience is just as good.

You get the same low-friction magnetic motor, simple controls, crisp LCD screen and Bluetooth connectivity. The differences are in the attachments, with a simple plastic case that just keeps the brush clean, but doesn’t charge it.

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Whether these differences matter will be entirely a matter of personal choice. If you travel frequently, the iO 9 Series’ superb charging case may justify the extra expense, but for everyone else, the iO 7 Series is a great compromise. Its cleaning performance is just as good, its pressure sensor is just as accurate, and its real-time location tracking is just as good at helping you cover every segment of your mouth.

Oral-B iO Series 7

The iO 7 series is very similar to the iO 9 series launched in 2020, and the handle is almost the same (Image credit: future)

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