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Magimix is ​​a brand synonymous with some of the best food processors (opens in new tab), but the brand offers so much more than these must-have choppers and blenders. After expanding its food processor expertise, the brand now has a whole range of other countertop kitchen appliances, including blenders and this juicer.

The Magimix Juice Expert 3 markets itself as a cold press juicer, although confusingly it seems to be configured as a juicer. We would call it a hybrid juicer, it works like a juicer but at slower speeds to provide some of the benefits of a slow juicer.

The central rotating filter basket shreds the fruits and vegetables and pushes them through the filter for smooth pulp-free juice drinks. And the extra squeeze attachment means it can handle fruits that are hard to squeeze, like bananas and berries, creating thicker, pulpy smoothie-like drinks. There is even a citrus juicer for some juice on request.

We love that it comes with a recipe book packed with ideas for getting the most out of the juicer, from coulis to popsicles and even cake recipes to use up that fibrous pulp waste. It doesn’t come with a juice container though, so you’ll need to bring your own or just put a glass under the spout. And annoyingly, all the pulp stays in the filter, so if you’re making larger batches, you’ll have to take it apart again and again to remove the pulp.

In our tests, it produced exceptionally smooth, clear juice, although there was some foam on top. It made short work of raspberries, removing the seeds and leaving behind a thick smoothie-like drink that you wouldn’t get from other juicers. The citrus juicer is easy to use, makes delicious juice and is less wasteful than squeezing citrus in a regular juicer. Overall, we found it easy to use and more versatile than many of its competitors, but it’s not a budget choice and it doesn’t produce the same high juice yields as a typical slow juicer for ingredients like kale.

Magimix Juice Expert 3: price and availability

  • List Price: £250 / AU$649

The Magimix Juice Expert 3 is available directly from Magimix or through other retailers such as Amazon United Kingdom (opens in new tab) and Australia AU (opens in new tab)but it is currently not available in the US.

While it’s double the price of the most inexpensive slow juicer we’ve reviewed, it’s also half the price of the ones on the most expensive end of the scale. So while on the surface this is a lot of money to pay for a device that only produces freshly squeezed juice, it’s actually a mid-range option compared to the rest of the market.

  • Price and availability score: 4/ 5


  • Pulp collects in filter basket
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Two citrus cones for different sized fruits

This juicer stands out for its streamlined compact design, yet it has a heavy and robust construction that gives it a quality feel. It measures 41.5 x 21.4 x 18.3 cm / 16.3 x 8.4 x 7.2 inches (HxWxD), so it won’t take up too much space. It’s tall though, so it’s best not to place it under wall-mounted kitchen cabinets, or you could have trouble feeding fruits and veggies into the chute.

In Australia it is available in black or red, with a stainless steel base, while in the UK only the black version is available. If you’re planning on storing it in a closet, keep in mind it’s 7.5kg/16.5lbs, so it feels a little heavy to lift and move. You will also need to find storage space for the citrus press attachment which, apart from the spatula included, is the only part that cannot be stored in the juicer.

When putting together we found all the slots together intuitively and with only one on/off button there are no complicated settings to master. The extra wide feed hopper is big enough to leave some fruits whole, so you don’t have to cut everything into small pieces for a long time before juicing, apples just need to be cut in half.

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The main juice filter is designed for use with tougher fruits and vegetables and produces smooth, clear juice. If you want to juice softer fruits, such as berries or bananas, to make thicker, juicier smoothies, you can insert the extra pressing accessory. And when you feel like citrus juice, all you need to do is remove the filter basket and insert the citrus press attachment. It has two cones, one for smaller citrus fruits such as lemons and limes, and a larger cone for juicing oranges and grapefruit.

Unlike many other juicers, this one does not have a separate pulp container, the pulp collects in the filter basket, so you have to disassemble it regularly to empty the pulp.


  • Produces very soft juice
  • Some seeds are found in citrus juices
  • Pusher requires some force

To start, we juiced a few carrots and weighed the carrots before and after pressing to determine the yield. Impressively, the juice yield was 53%, which is one of the highest yields we’ve seen for carrots in all the juicers we reviewed. In addition, the juice itself was exceptionally smooth and clear.

Making carrot juice with the Magimix Juice Expert 3 has excellent results

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Then we tried the citrus juicer. It’s not common to get a citrus press attachment with a juicer, but it certainly allows you to get more juice from citrus fruits. Squeezing oranges is easy and the arm that goes on the orange to hold it in place means it’s safer than holding it with your hand.

Making orange juice with the Magimix Juice Expert 3

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It takes about 15 seconds to squeeze each orange half and you have to turn off the machine when you need to remove and replace the orange. First we tried to make smooth juice with the pulp system in place, a few pieces of pulp and pips got into the drink, but for the most part the juice was smooth. When the pulp system was removed to make a juice with pulp, annoyingly more orange pips got into the drink along with some pulp, but maybe our oranges just had a lot of small pips. The drink wasn’t overly fleshy, but it was about 1/3 foam.

As we do with all juicers, we tried juicing kale and it produced a very smooth absorption of this green health drink. The juice yield was 26%, which is lower than the best cold press juicers, which can achieve yields of kale up to 50%. But that said, it’s much better than many juicers, which can be as low as 15%.

Making a kale shot with the Magimix Juice Expert 3 yielded a soothing juice

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Pressing berries is often very wasteful and not something we usually try in our juicer reviews, but since this juicer comes with the Extra Press attachment for just this type of fruit, we gave it a try. When we chose raspberries, we were pleasantly surprised to find a thick raspberry smoothie with a yield of 78%. Most of what had to be thrown away was the raspberry seeds, which didn’t end up in the drink. This thick raspberry smoothie would make a great base for a raspberry sauce or ice cream.

Making raspberry juice With the Magimix Juice Expert 3 you get a thick raspberry smoothie

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Finally, we made a mixed green juice containing celery, apple, pear, broccoli, parsley and ginger. This wasn’t a problem for the juicer, but we had to put quite a bit of pressure on the plunger to get all the ingredients into juice. The yield was 67%, which is pretty typical for this juice, and the juice itself was beautifully smooth with just a little bit of foam on it.

Making green juice with the Magimix Juice Expert 3 resulted in a thick, smooth drink

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To juice a whole apple, you need to cut it in half and this will take about 15 seconds. But like all the other juices we’ve made, a lot of juice will continue to drip and drip from the spout for a while after you turn it off. So it’s best to leave the container for a minute or so to catch the last of the juice. A drip stop would have been a welcome addition.

It didn’t get much louder than about 78dB in most of our tests, which isn’t too noisy. And cleaning is easy if you have a dishwasher, because all parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher. If you don’t have a dishwasher, like all juicers, the parts are a little tricky to clean. We recommend using a brush and reading our guide on how do you clean a juicer? (opens in new tab) for some top tips.

  • Performance Score: 4.5/ 5
Magimix Juice Expert 3
attributes Comments: Rating
Price and availability A mid-priced slow juicer widely available in the UK and Australia, but not available in the US. 4/5
Design Neat and compact, yet multifunctional and easy to assemble, with dishwasher safe parts. 4.5/5
Performance Makes impressively clear and smooth juice with good yields in most cases, except for kale. Handles berries well and is an effective citrus juicer, although some seeds do get into the drink and the spout drips. 4.5/5


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