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Lightspeed is a Canadian company that provides point of sale (POS) solutions for retail and foodservice businesses. It has been offering personalized e-commerce solutions for the past fifteen years.

Although it offers out-of-the-box packages on its website, Lightspeed is most attractive as a point-of-sale provider because it can tailor individual point-of-sale systems to suit your business. Lightspeed is a company that cares about providing the best point of sale solution for your business needs.

This ultimately means that you get a more personalized and tailor-made technical setup. Likewise, it also requires that you spend time discussing with the company how best to set it up.

Depending on your staffing resources, Lightspeed POS may not be aimed at small businesses, but it has the potential to provide a real benefit to any rapidly growing business.

Competitive products include AirPOS, Shopify, EposNow, and Square POS.

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Visit the Lightspeed POS website to find the right point of sale system for your business today.

Lightspeed iPad and Desktop Solutions (Image credit: Lightspeed)

Lightspeed POS pricing

Lightspeed’s user-friendly website makes it easy to choose one of their point-of-sale systems to support your business operations. The company splits its packages down the middle, with retail or dining options to choose from.

However, dive into these two choices and you will find that there is a bit more to setting up with a Lightspeed POS system than it looks. While that’s not a bad thing, Lightspeed POS packages can be carefully tailored to meet the needs of individual businesses.

Therefore, for restaurant-focused outlets, the price currently starts at $ 59 / £ 59 per month, but you’ll need to talk to them in order to get a more personalized price.

Retail prices follow a similar theme, which currently equates to these monthly base charges: $ 69 / £ 69 base, $ 99 / £ 99 start-up, $ 119 standard, $ 169 / £ 129 advanced, and Pro 229 $ / £ 199. You can save money by paying annually rather than monthly, and keep in mind that there will be other incidental charges due to Lightspeed’s more personalized approach.

Restaurant prices

Lightspeed Restaurant Award (Image credit: Lightspeed)


A Lightspeed bespoke point of sale solution will be configured with everything you need to start your business or transform it into a more efficient, leaner business. Naturally, Lightspeed supports all payment types, including cash, credit and debit cards, checks, gift cards, and store credit variants.

Building and managing your inventory inventory is an essential retail functionality and is properly covered by the Lightspeed system. In fact, Lightspeed offers such a comprehensive range of features for their retail and restaurant point of sale systems that you really need to see their website for the full breakdown. It is vast, to say the least.

Lightspeed's point of sale software running on an iMac and iPad (Image credit: Lightspeed)

Lightspeed’s point of sale software running on an iMac and iPad (Image credit: Lightspeed)


Lightspeed has invested a lot of time in providing a very decent Mac kit to help you get the most out of their systems. There is for example an iPad POS hardware option, with a PG cash drawer. Indeed, all Lightspeed software has been designed to work either on Apple’s iOS for its tablet point of sale system, or on Mac OS for its desktop point of sale system.

As a result, you get the distinct feeling that companies that prioritize the Apple route for day-to-day work will find a lot to feel right at home in the Lightspeed environment. And, if you have employees who love the Apple’s neat way, they might be happier using Lightspeed on Microsoft Windows or Google Android-based systems, which are not currently available from the company.

Lightspeed order on an iPad (Image credit: Lightspeed)

Lightspeed order on an iPad (Image credit: Lightspeed)

Ease of use

As with any point of sale system, its initial setup is where the most work will be required and Lightspeed has staff on hand to walk you through this process. It starts with the initial consultation, which helps you define exactly what you need for your business.

From there, Lightspeed will implement the necessary hardware configuration on-site while you and your staff can familiarize yourself with the software systems built into the browser. Since Lightspeed is a more bespoke design, this can be more difficult than some standard base solutions. But the trade-off for getting to grips with the more complex technology is that you will have a much more powerful point of sale at your disposal.

Lightspeed inventory management (Image credit: Lightspeed)

Lightspeed inventory management (Image credit: Lightspeed)


Support is plentiful once you sign up for Lightspeed and is part of the bundle that comes with an account with them. Along with a customer support center on the website, which incidentally is divided into different main sections depending on the package you’re running, 24/7 support is also available.

Lightspeed also has a cool blog area on their site, which adds another interesting dimension to how and why its products and services are used. The combination of these components means that the support aspect of Lightspeed seems to be of a very good standard.

Lightspeed mobile card reader (Image credit: Lightspeed)

Lightspeed mobile card reader (Image credit: Lightspeed)

Final verdict

Lightspeed has a lot to offer, assuming you’re happy that you can only run it on Mac hardware. If you are, Lightspeed can be used in a number of ways, with retail and restaurant at the heart of the point of sale solution.

Custom packages can help you get the most out of the system, and you will find that Lightspeed contains plenty of reports and analysis to further strengthen the key functionality of the various options it offers.

If you’re running a business that’s outgrown its existing point-of-sale solution, or you’re looking for something that employees can easily master, then Lightspeed will likely tick several of the right boxes. It’s not the cheapest, but it has a lot to offer.

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