Instagram wants makers to live sustainably online – this is how you do it

Instagram creators now have the option to sign up for the ‘Subscribers’ program that allows them to charge their followers who want to see their exclusive content. This was recently revealed by Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, via a video post on the microblogging site Twitter.

“We want Instagram to be the best online place for creators to make a living,” Adam Mosseri said at the beginning of the video, signaling that the platform is moving towards other “paid content” platforms.

“And a really important thing for creators everywhere,” Mosseri continued, “is a sustainable income, because ultimately, when you’re a maker, you’re a business. And a great way to have a sustainable and predictable income is through subscriptions. “

(Image credit: Twitter)

Creators who have signed up for the subscriber program can collect a monthly fee from followers and have a “Subscriber Home” tab on their profile. By clicking on the tab, followers can see exclusive offers and of course sign up as a subscriber.

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