Hisense Hi-Move IV HVC6264BKUK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Hisense is not a name you associate with small appliances, but rather is known for its line of 4K TVs and home appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators. However, the brand is now entering the vacuum market, with three cordless vacuums that are more affordable than the Dyson and Shark models.

The Hisense Hi-Move IV HVC6264BKUK is the top-of-the-range model, featuring a foldable wand that allows the cleaner to pass under low furniture, in the same way as the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum with PowerFins and Flexology. It offers two suction levels, as well as a 0.45 liter dust container with one-touch vacuum function. Like most cordless vacuums on the market, it can also be converted to a handheld vacuum by removing the wand and floor cleaning head.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, which is swappable, Hisense says the vacuum will last up to 45 minutes between charges. It comes with a full floor mop head with six LEDs to light a path in dark corners, plus two additional tools for use in portable mode.

Similar in style to the Dyson V15 Detect, this Hisense vacuum also includes a handy LED panel that displays information regarding the remaining run time as well as the level of suction used.

At £ 199.99, the Hisense Hi-Move IV is one of the most affordable cordless vacuums we’ve tested and it’s ideal for anyone looking for an affordable vacuum that’s easy to use and performs well on carpets. . Plus, its lightweight design makes it a good option for those who want a cordless cleaner that they can use in portable mode on a regular basis.

Price and availability Hisense Hi-Move IV HVC6264BKUK

The Hisense Hi-Move IV HVC6264BKUK will set you back £ 199.99. As mentioned, this is the premium cordless vacuum cleaner from Hisense and is available for purchase at AO.com.

Also in this range are the £ 119 cordless vacuum cleaner HVC6133WUK, which has no flexible wand and takes longer to recharge, and the HVC5262AUK, which for £ 149 has a sliding hand cleaner. , rather than needing to remove the wand.

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  • 0.45 liter dust container
  • Comes with a floor head and four tools
  • Transforms into a hand cleaner

The Hisense Hi-Move IV HVC6264BKUK is a compact and lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner measuring 111.2 x 25 x 25.5 cm (hxwxd) and weighing 3 kg.

When it comes to cordless vacuums, its design is pretty standard. The motor, filter, and dust bin are at the top, and these are attached to the wand and floor scrub head at the bottom. However, rather than a single straight wand section, the Hi-Move IV wand has a flexible extension tube at its center. When you press the button on the left side of the vacuum cleaner, the wand is able to bend up to 90 degrees, allowing you to easily maneuver the vacuum cleaner under furniture without having to bend.

Detaching the rod and floor cleaning head – the latter has six LEDs for easier cleaning in dark corners – turns the vacuum into a portable unit, which can be used with any of the four tools included. with the model. The Hi-Move IV also has a smaller than average 0.45 liter dust container.

In addition to the Hisense Hi-Move IV HVC6264BKUK, you will find a 2.1 inch LED panel that displays the remaining run time. Underneath is a button that allows you to select one of two suction levels – the one you choose will also be shown on the LED display.

The Hisense Hi-Move IV HVC6264BKUK cordless vacuum cleaner with all its accessories

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  • Better pickup on carpets than hard floors
  • Lightweight when used in portable mode
  • Quiet use

When it came to picking up dirt, the Hisense Hi-Move IV HVC6264BKUK proved better on carpets than on hard floors. The vacuum was able to easily collect fine dust on both surfaces, but we found it struggled with larger debris, which in this case was oats and grains on the hard floor. The floor scrub head tended to push some debris onto the floor rather than vacuuming it up, especially in areas where the damage was concentrated. As such, this often meant that several passes of the cleaner were needed to ensure all the dirt was collected.

Also note that the suction here is not as powerful as some cordless vacuums on the market; the Hi-Move IV also struggled to deep clean carpets. However, the vacuum proved to be easy to maneuver, gliding well on carpets and hard floors. The flexible wand has been found to be particularly useful for reaching under furniture.

To convert the Hisense Hi-Move IV HVC6264BKUK to a hand cleaner, all you need to do is remove the wand and cleaning head from the floor. Also, unlike similar competitors such as the Beko PowerClean VRT94929VI cordless vacuum cleaner, the Hi-Move IV was neither too heavy nor bulky to use in this mode.

We did however find the vacuum a bit difficult to empty. First, you need to detach the wand from the cleaner, after which you can remove the filter, and then empty the contents of the cartridge into the trash. A point-and-shoot mechanism that ejects debris in one motion would have been welcome.

Our decibel meter recorded a maximum of 75dB while vacuuming, which is equivalent to a flush and more than acceptable. In fact, it’s one of the quietest cordless vacuums we’ve tested.

TheHisense Hi-Move IV Cordless Vacuum Cleaner HVC6264BKUK Converted to Portable Mode

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Battery life

  • The battery lasts between 20 minutes and 45 minutes
  • It takes about 4 hours to recharge
  • The battery is exchangeable, but spare parts are currently not available

Hisense claims the battery lasts up to 45 minutes between charges; however, this is the lowest power setting. In our testing, when used on the strongest setting, the cleaner only lasted 20 minutes before needing a recharge.

The battery took 4 hours to fully charge. The unit is also tradable, although Hisense does not currently sell aftermarket parts. This is disappointing, as a spare battery would provide the ability to clean without interruption.

The LCD screens of the Hisense Hi-Move IV cordless vacuum cleaner HVC6264BKUK

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