Google Duo becomes Meet – here’s what you need to know

After months of preparation and speculation, the merger between Google Duo and Meet is finally underway, with the first users seeing the changes on Android devices.

Google has decided to combine its two video calling apps to provide a more comprehensive service that will benefit all types of users.

However, the first merge has caused some confusion, with different app names and functions already confusing users. Here’s what you need to know about the new partnership between Google Duo and Meet.

Google Duo and Meet – what’s happening?

Google Duo, which was first released in 2016, will soon become Google Meet as the company aims to combine its consumer and business tools in one platform.

Users who have logged into the Google Duo app in recent weeks have seen a warning explaining how the service will soon be Meet, “with a new name and icon, and more features like background effects.”

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Aside from the name change, Google says users shouldn’t see too much disruption as the two services already offer quite similar features. However, Google Duo users can now enjoy features such as in-meeting chat, virtual wallpapers and visual effects, and can start a conversation with up to 100 participants.

Now the latest Android update to Google Duo makes the change official with the new Meet branding.

Once installed, the original blue Google Duo icon will remain until a user opens the app. There, they are welcomed with a “Duo has been upgraded to Meet” notification, which upon acceptance changes the app design to the new Meet branding.

Google Duo iOS and iPad users aren’t seeing the change yet, but Google has said it aims to switch all customers to Meet by the end of September.

The Google Duo web app will also stick with its original branding for now, but Google has also said it will redirect to the Google Meet page in the coming weeks.

For those users who have already updated (including GadgetMasti Pro) this has led to a strange intermediate setting where we now have two apps, both titled “Google Meet (originally Duo)” on our devices – something the company will hopefully change soon.

How do I get it?

The Google Duo app listing will still remain in the Play Store and iOS App Store for now, allowing users to download and install as usual.

Users just need to be signed in with a Google account to try out the new version of Meet and enjoy all its features, as accounts set up with just a phone number will not be able to use meetings.

All Duo users’ conversation history, contacts, and messages remain stored in the app, Google added, and there’s no new app to download or pay extra.

Google Duo users are also reassured that “video calling capabilities are still available for free in the updated Duo app on mobile devices. Conversation history, contacts, and messages will remain.”