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Finis smart glasses can be connected to a small module that fits into the corner of a lens and tracks swimming metrics such as laps, type of run, gaps, and rests. It also contains a digital display that you can use to closely monitor performance and receive feedback while you swim.

From a tracking accuracy perspective, the goggles perform very well, reliably capturing data such as distance, pace, rest time on par with Garmin and Coros pool swim tracking. It also offers a nice distribution of sets, recognizing swimming movements in the companion app.

Unfortunately, while the tracking seemed reliable, the experience of trying to glance at the small screen was not that great and, therefore, did not seem very useful to have at our disposal while swimming. .

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The Ciye companion app isn’t the prettiest, but it presents your swims well and offers the ability to connect to third-party apps like Strava,, and Apple Health.

The smart swimming experience overall is not perfect, however, and seems limited compared to Form’s swimming goggles, which offer a much superior display, smoother app, and compatibility with third-party devices like the Apple. Watch, Garmin watches and the Polar OH1 heart rate monitor. He now has a training subscription service.

If you really want a pair of smart swimming goggles, take those from Form instead and in return you’ll get something that works on all fronts.

Pricing and availability

Finis smart glasses are currently only available for purchase in the United States, Australia and Canada, but the company plans to roll them out in other markets at a later date. In terms of price, you’ll have to pay $ 235 / AU $ 350, which is more expensive than competitors like Form and its smart swimming goggles, which cost $ 199 / £ 199 / AU $ 265.


Out of the box, these smart glasses look like pretty regular glasses. You can choose them in white / smoke or with blue or mirrored lenses, but the design and the way intelligence is applied remains the same on all models.

You have five different sized nose bridges to ensure a good seal and a good fit and they are easy to slip into place. The strap is adjustable although we found it a bit long, although it doesn’t get in the way when swimming.

Smart Glasses Finis

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You also have the small tracking module with the integrated screen, which fits inside the left lens of the glasses. Once it’s in place, there is a raised button on the top of the goggles seal that you can press to start tracking. There are also two small charging points where you can magnetically clip the charging cable, so you don’t need to remove it when it needs to be powered on.

This little tracker is powered by a company called Ciye, which stands for Coach in Your Eye. Ciye and Finis don’t specify which sensors are built in here to track swims, but we do know that they are capable of tracking split times, laps, rest time and swim time. After swimming you can also see the pace, lap details, total swim time and rest time. They also work in open water, although currently they can only capture swim time if you are not in a pool.

This tracker can only be placed on the left side of the glasses, and while you can use it in another pair of glasses, it must be another pair of smart glasses, which will set you back $ 35 a pair.

Smart Glasses Finis

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On the outside of the Ciye tracker is a small digital display, again with no resolution details, but it’s a very simple OLED-style black and white display with room to display about four or five words at a time. time.

From the Ciye Companion Phone App, you can adjust the location of the text on the screen for a comfortable view, and decrease or increase the screen brightness while choosing what to display on this screen. screen, so you can prioritize laps, swim time or sets. You can also enable an abbreviated view mode if you don’t want to fill the small screen with a lot of text.

The bezels themselves feel well constructed overall. They weren’t bulky to carry in the pool and didn’t create any horrible streaks in the water. It was nice to see additional lens protection thanks to the added chemical resistant anti-fog coating. It’s a shame that you can’t move the tracker to the other side of the glasses and it won’t work with unfinished glasses.


So how well do Finis smart glasses perform when it’s time to track? Well, we would say there is good news and bad news.

We’ll start with the good one, and that’s the reliability of the tracking. First, you need to choose to add pools to the phone app to make sure the data is accurate. You can add and edit pools to make sure the precise distance is covered and switch from meters to meters or vice versa, but it all has to be done from within the app.

Then when it’s time to start, just push the button above the goggles and start swimming.

Smart Glasses Finis

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One problem we found, however, is that it’s not easy to just turn off the glasses. You have to wait 10 minutes for them to turn off and it’s easy to accidentally start following a swim when you don’t want to.

We compared it to the swim tracking modes on the Garmin Enduro and Coros Pace 2. Two sports watches that we found quite reliable in terms of pool swim tracking. All of the stats you’ll get here are pretty standard that you’ll find on most swim trackers, but things like distance, pace, recognition of rest times seemed very reliable in our tests.

Smart Glasses Finis

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Once you are done swimming, press this button again to end the workout, and if you have your phone nearby you can sync the swim with the Ciye app. In this app you can see a more detailed breakdown of your stroke including individual strokes and a performance breakdown. If you want to send your swim data to other apps, you can connect them to Strava,, and Apple Health.

Other than viewing your swim tracking history and unlocking some basic achievements, there isn’t much to revisit the app. You can add other Ciye users to your tracking community, but you can’t create or track workouts, which would be a useful feature to incorporate here.

Smart Glasses Finis

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Now on to the bad stuff, which is centered around the screen. It’s a small screen for beginners, which is designed to let you take a peek and not dominate your vision and maybe prove to be a distraction while you swim.

A fundamental flaw that we discovered despite using the screen positioning feature in the app and increasing the screen brightness, if you don’t have a perfect view it can be difficult to see this display.

We wear goggles and contact lenses, both of which must be removed before entering the pool, and we struggled to see the screen clearly enough to absorb real-time stats and commentary. Even very deliberate strabismus made it so difficult to visualize the stats and kept us from swimming. Playing around with screen positioning and nose bridges didn’t really solve that problem for us either.

Smart Glasses Finis

(Image credit: Michael Sawh)

Luckily, the screen isn’t clogged with water, and there’s a little notification light that faces you as opposed to the others to let you know it’s tracking. The screen just wasn’t big enough, sharp enough, or clear enough. If your vision is good you probably won’t have any issues here, but we just weren’t.

On the battery side, it’s a good experience. Finis claims they should last four to six hours and for a 40 minute swim we saw only a 2% battery drop. Although we have seen in some sessions that the battery has drained considerably, most of the time it seems to be due to the glasses not turning off properly and trying to force a connection to our phone.

The battery should last a whole week of swimming, although it’s not without issues. When loading, we would certainly have preferred a cable that is less fragile and more difficult to remove.

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