The US military may soon be equipped with Microsoft Hololens

US Army IVAS Hololens AR headset

  The US military has seen its first delivery of specially designed Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headsets. An order for 5,000 headsets, estimated to be worth approximately $373 million, has been signed by Assistant Secretary for Acquisitions Douglas Bush, Bloomberg (opens in new tab) has reported, after successful field tests (opens in new tab). The …

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Do Airpods cause cancer? | Yes or no?


Do AirPods cause cancer? Yes or no Wireless headphones and AirPods are trending products these days. Phone and electronics companies are moving from wired headphones to wireless. Researchers are concerned about the impact of wireless AirPods. Scientists have raised a question, do AirPods cause cancer? Yes or no. People have had a dilemma about this …

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