Google’s Python Code System Will Be Pay-As-You-Go


Google is changing the payment model for Colaboratory, the Python code system. Known informally as Colab, the platform is designed for users to write and run Python code from your browser, and is marketed to all types of users, including students, data scientists, and AI researchers. The company claims that no configuration is required and …

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Low-code can replace “traditional” coding in months

It's official, these are the most popular (and lucrative) programming languages ​​right now

The rise of low-code could soon see more “traditional” forms of operations overthrown, new research claims. Mendix’s State of Low-Code for 2022 found an increase in low-code adoption from 77% in 2021 to 94% this year, with four in 10 companies now using low-code for mission-critical solutions in their operations. The report cites a Gartner …

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Brave is about to solve one of the most frustrating Internet browsing problems

Brave browser

The developers behind brave browser announced that it will be blocking cookie consent pop-ups that negatively impact the browsing experience for many users. In an update, the anonymous browser‘s Privacy Updates blog called cookie consent a “notorious and almost constant annoyance,” while calling a academic study (opens in new tab) who found that many browser …

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Twitter’s edit button is finally here – but not for everyone

Twitter logo displayed on a smartphone

Twitter has finally started rolling out its highly anticipated edit button after months of beta testing. The new feature, which gives users the ability to edit their own published tweets within 30 minutes, is limited to Twitter Blue subscribers for now. Twitter’s premium subscription service is currently only available in the US, Canada, Australia and …

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India-based VPN to challenge new data law in court

Hand holding a smartphone with VPN logo on screen and the Indian flag on the background

Pune-based VPN service SnTHostings has filed a lawsuit to challenge the legality of India’s new data law in court. After it went into effect on September 25, new CERT-In guidelines require all VPN providers in the country to store users’ personal data for up to five years. Companies will also have to hand over this …

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Windows 11 update gives users more control over what a file uses

Windows 11 File Explorer on a PC in an office

While File Explorer will finally get tabs in the next update to Windows 11, now that the first major 2022 update for it is available, PowerToys is also releasing a helpful update to see what’s using your files because it’s slowing down your PC. PowerToys (opens in new tab) is an app with a collection …

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Zoom is about to become much more useful and powerful

man on video call with colleagues

A tsunami of new features on Zoom is planned, which will expand certain services and make some existing ones more user-friendly to, ideally, promote better communication. Two weeks before this announcement, Zoom rolled out a new set of features for the Team chat tool while referring to more. We thought the second round would have …

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The OG app ditches Instagram ads and brings you back to basics

The OG App on a smartphone

Tired of the current state of the app, a group of developers took it upon themselves to create a version of Instagram that removes all ads and allows people to create custom feeds. It is called The OG app (opens in new tab) and it brings Instagram back to basics. It’s no different social media …

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NetSuite’s latest addition could be a boon for businesses on a budget

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite Announced a New Service That Promises to Alleviate Common Problems for Nearby Small Businesses shift work and resource allocation. Bee SuiteWorld 2022offered the company a first look at SuitePeople Workforce Management, a service designed to automate the time-consuming shift management process, developing shift patterns based on forecasted demand. The new service also provides …

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