Moto G72 with Mediatek Helio G99 launches on October 3

Moto G72

Motorola has confirmed that its latest G-series phone, Moto G72, will be launched on October 3. The naming may make it look like the Moto G72 is coming on the market as the successor to the Moto G71, but it isn’t. Moto G72 is a 4G model while Moto G71 was a 5G model. Moto …

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Apple stops plans to produce additional iPhone 14 units

The iPhone 14 lineup on a table in an undisclosed Apple Store

Apple has reportedly abandoned plans to increase production levels of the iPhone 14 due to lower-than-expected demand for its latest flagship smartphone. Reports say the company hoped the launch would spark interest and had agreed to increase production by up to six million units by the second half of 2022. However, this scenario did not …

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What does the rollout of 5G mean for Indian consumers?

A 5G-enabled smartphone

As the rollout of 5G is imminent, there is widespread expectation as to what exactly it entails. Telecom solutions provider Ericsson has conducted a survey that reportedly “reflects the views of 300 million daily smartphone users in urban India,” and it says more than 100 million users with 5G-ready smartphones want to upgrade to a …

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Cloudflare launches eSim to protect mobile devices

Your DDR4 memory could face the return of some serious onslaught

Cloudflare is going to launch its own eSIM card equivalent, which it says is the world’s first “Zero Trust” SIM card. The new Cloudflare SIM is subscribed to the zero trust security model, which describes a “never trust, always verify” approach where devices are never automatically trusted, even if they have been previously verified or …

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NavIC – What is India’s alternative to GPS? Everything you need to know

Map shown on smartphone

The government of India is urging major smartphone makers to provide support for its native navigation system, NavIC, on devices sold in the country starting next year. A move that has reportedly shaken up the industry due to the tight timeframe and additional costs involved. Reuters reported: (opens in new tab)that the Government of India …

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: what we want to see

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 review Bora Purple V angled

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip line is the most popular collection of foldable phones in the world, and for good reason: they combine a foldable form factor with decent specs and a relatively affordable price. Hopefully the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 continues that trend, and in this article we’ve made a wish list of …

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