Can a black hole explode?


Black holes are cosmic vacuum cleaners – massive objects so large that not even light can escape them. Most people introduce themselves black holes do nothing but sit there and devour wandering bits of gas or dust. But could black holes actually have more interesting inner lives? For example, can they explode? If an “explosion” …

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Which animals could be extinct by 2050?

Amur Leopard in the bushes.

There have been five mass extinctions in Earth’s history and numerous experts have warned that sixth mass extinction could already be underway due to human activity since the Age of Exploration. Some scientists have even suggested that almost 40% of the species (opens in new tab) currently living on our planet may be extinct as …

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Who invented chocolate? | Gadgetmasti

Cross section of white, milk, dark and darker chocolate bars

Chocolate is a delight whether we bite into a bar or drink hot chocolate, but who was the original inventor of this treat? Although it is now known as candy, the origins of chocolate lie much deeper. The person who discovered how to make chocolate is lost in time, but it was probably someone in …

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How long does it take for new species to develop?

Emerald Tree Boa wrapped around a branch.

Charles Darwin famously marveled at the “endless forms, the most beautiful and wonderful” produced by evolution, and indeed, Soil today is full of a an estimated 1 trillion species. But how long did it take for those species to evolve? The answer varies widely between life forms, “depending on taxa [type of creature] and environmental …

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