What is degassing from mattresses and is it dangerous for your health?

Image shows the Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress unboxed yet still compressed and rolled in plastic before the off-gassing process begins

Mattress degassing refers to a specific process that takes place when a bed-in-a-box is unpacked. That telltale new mattress smell may surprise you if you’re not prepared for it, and some mattresses smell more than others. If you’re particularly sensitive to your mattress degassing, you may find that you don’t sleep very well the night …

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What is a trial mattress and do you get a free mattress with it?

A couple go mattress shopping for a new bed offered on a risk free mattress trial

A mattress test is a certain amount of time (determined by the manufacturer) within which you can test your new mattress at home. Some are described as risk-free, meaning there are no shipping or return costs for you, while others are not. So those mattress trials will incur a return or processing fee if you …

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