Why does Airtel get into the home security surveillance service?

Airtel announces Xsafe

As the home security and surveillance market continues to grow, we have a newcomer: Bharti Airtel. The Indian telecom company has released a home surveillance service with a range of advanced WiFi-based cameras. The service, called Xsafe, is available in 40 cities including Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Bangalore and Kolkata. Vir Inder Nath, CEO, Homes, Bharti …

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Oppo’s bid to improve 3D graphics on mobile devices – here’s how

Oppo has joined O3DF

As gaming increasingly becomes a mobile-first experience, Oppo has joined the Open 3D Foundation (O3DF), which promotes collaboration and pools resources between 3D graphics developers on open-source Linux platforms. Oppo’s partnership will be part of the newly proposed O3DE (Open 3D Engine) Mobile Device Working Group — a cross-platform, open-source engine capable of powering AAA …

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Oppo India Holds Coding Hackathon For Students – Sign Up & Participate

Oppo India to hold coding contest

In 2020, Chinese phone maker Oppo started a 5G innovation lab in India that offers specialization for smartphone camera research. Later last year, Oppo launched its Genius+ program that provides scholarships to outstanding students taking engineering courses at leading institutions. Now, as part of that Genius+ program, Oppo India encryption hackathon. The hackathon, called Oppo …

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Can Jio lead India’s transition to 5G?

Reliance Jio

In a country’s digital journey, it may be impossible to select a private player to usher in a massive change. But in India’s telecoms story, you can definitely classify the calendar as pre-Jio and post-Jio era. For the Mukesh Ambani-led company (Reliance Jio), it has made a remarkable impact in its five years of existence. …

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Why a hot air fryer is an essential back-to-school purchase?

Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer AF300UK

Most back-to-school tech guides deal with laptops and tablets, and of course those devices are important. But no laptop or tablet app will be able to keep you focused when you’re starving or starving — which is why, in our opinion, the best airfryers, alongside the best Instant Pots (some of which also air-fryers). can …

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