Cadbury wants us to switch from the traditional Rakhi to their Bluetooth version

With Raksha Bandhan arriving in a few weeks, one of the country’s most trusted chocolatiers has redefined the way its consumers can celebrate the occasion this year. Cadbury product brand and Celebrations have launched a limited edition Rakhi that comes with a built-in Bluetooth connection. It will be on sale directly from Amazon for Rs 825. This bundle includes the Bluetooth Rakhi and an assortment of chocolate covered dry fruits. You can also buy the Rakhi as a standalone product from Flipkart for Rs 325.

As can be seen in the promotional video and images, it looks like any other traditional Rakhi a sister would tie to their brother’s wrists. Hidden in the heart of the Rakhi, however, is a proximity sensor, Bluetooth chip and a speaker.

According to the company’s ad campaign, the Connected Rakhi wearable is intended to remind brothers of the promise they made to their sisters. While targeting siblings who were away from home and especially visiting during Raksha Bandhan, the company once again made an impact at another celebratory celebration in the country.

How the Connected Rakhi . works

When purchasing the Connected Rakhi through any of the e-commerce platforms, you must first scan the QR code and download the Connected Rakhi app. It is currently not listed in the Play Store or App Store. The Connected Rakhi should be paired with your smartphone.

Next, you have to record a voice message from your brother that he would be with you for the rest of the day. This audio message will be uploaded to the Connected Rakhi via the app.

And on Raksha Bandhan, once you strap the Connected Rakhi to your brother’s wrists, he will hear the audio recording every time he is not near you.

Heartwarming but flawed

This isn’t the first time Cadbury has used technology to celebrate an Indian festival while promoting its products. The company is known for its famous ‘Not Just A Cadbury’ ad campaign. It used the power of AI to showcase the names of local stores and businesses during Diwali last year. During the ad campaign, it would record the user’s location. The campaign also aimed to help local businesses win over customers after months of reopening after the COVID19 lockdowns.

The new campaign, while heartwarming, may have its own flaws. It is not yet clear how far the Connected Rakhi must be to activate the audio. So even if he goes away for a while to get essentials, he can be haunted by his voice (all meant as a pun) until he gets back home. It also doesn’t mention whether proximity can be turned off temporarily or not.

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