Best running shoes for supination

The best running shoes for supination can save you a lot of pain. Supination refers to the tendency to run with your weight landing on the outer edge of your foot, which means you are less able to absorb the impact of each stride. If it’s not dealt with, supination can lead to an increased risk of injury for runners, so investing in the right shoes is vital, whether you’re running on roads, trails, or one of the best treadmills.

What makes running shoes for supination different to other models? To find out, we spoke to musculoskeletal podiatrist Anne-Marie O’Connor. She told Gadgetmasti that “Anything too flexible or soft (not reactive enough) will lead to early fatigue on the outer border of the outsole – then the danger of injuries will increase. A lower offset (or drop) is advisable to aid a fuller foot contact and the thicker midsole of a maximalist trainer is ideal. This will help with the midfoot advised running technique and also aid shock attenuation.” You can read more about running technique and advice in our guide on how to run properly.