A subversive Scream-style slasher for the Gen-Z generation: Bodies Bodies Bodies review

Murder mystery and slasher movies have had a sort of renaissance in recent years. Whether it’s the revival of classical horror movie franchises, like Halloween and Scream, or the reinvention of the whodunnit movie through critically acclaimed films like Knives Out – there will be a sequel on Netflix later this year – both genres have benefited from movie fans yearning for a cinematic nostalgic hit or something new in both movie categories.

The latest film to realize the latter is Bodies Bodies Bodies, the English-language feature film debut by Dutch director Halina Reijn. And, for the most part, Bodies Bodies Bodies does a great job of breaking new ground for both genres. Bodies Bodies, a scream-like slasher for Generation Z, puts a unique spin on the whodunnit and horror classes of movies, with its flurry of black comedy, social satire and a palpably subversive take on terror-fueled movies from the past and melt together into a pleasant devilish effect.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses their life

Bodies Bodies The cast of Bodies is a fascinating mix of established names and rising stars. Credit: Gwen Capistran

Bodies Bodies Bodies stars Maria Bakalova (Borate 2The Father) as Bee, a working-class Eastern European young woman who travels with her wealthy friend Sophie (the Eddie‘s Amandla Stenberg) to a mansion party hosted by Sophie’s childhood friend David (The King of Staten Island and Saturday Night Live alumni Pete Davidson).