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A Das Keyboard MacTigr on a glass-top desk

Das Keyboard MacTigr: One Minute Review The Das Keyboard MacTigr mechanical keyboard is a high quality full size keyboard built with the Apple user in mind. The MacTigr keyboard has a metal construction, low-profile Cherry MX Red switches, and super-fast USB-C connectivity. The MacTigr keyboard features keys with Apple command designs instead of Windows command …

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These fake Zoom websites want to trick you into downloading malware

Zoom pronouns

If you want to download the video conference (opens in new tab) platform Zoom, check the internet address you are downloading from as there are plenty of fake websites that spread all kinds of nasty viruses and malware. Cyble researchers examined reports of a widespread campaign targeting potential Zoom users and discovered six fake installer …

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Jamf wants to make AWS EC2 instances more secure than ever


Apple device management platform Jamf has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which would help users manage Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances and gain an additional layer of security. AWS EC2 instances, which were first rolled out in 2006, allow users to run virtual machines on the company’s cloud platform. Jamf says the partnership …

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This Dangerous Android Spyware Can Affect Millions of Devices


An updated version of the Banker Android (opens in new tab) Spyware has been detected, stealing the victim’s banking information and in some cases even money. According to cybersecurity researchers at Microsoft (opens in new tab), an unknown threat actor has launched a smishing campaign (SMS phishing) to try to trick people into installing TrojanSpy:AndroidOS/Banker.O. …

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Mozilla Claims Apple, Google and Microsoft Force Users to Use Default Web Browsers


Mozilla, the non-profit owner of the Firefox browser, has accused Google, Microsoft and Apple of “displaying self-preference” and inducing consumers to use their own browser. Examples of consumer harm resulting from this self-preferred behavior include limited or frustrated choice, lower quality, less innovation, poor privacy and unfair contracts, Mozilla said. The report comes at a …

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Running at night: how does it affect the body?

Young Asian woman running at night in the city

If you are a fan of running at night, you may have wondered how it can affect the body. After all, our bodies are delicate instruments, designed to perform functions more effectively at different times during the day. Modern life means we often have no choice but to rack up our miles at dusk, whether …

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Ancient ‘alien goldfish’ shot a tooth ‘tongue’ from its gut to catch prey

An artistic representation of the

An Artistic Rendering of the “Alien Goldfish” Typhloesus wellsia hunting prey. Credit: Drawing by Joschua Knüppe © Royal Ontario Museum. (opens in new tab) Ancient creatures nicknamed “alien goldfish” had tooth-like, tongue-like structures in their guts that they shot out of their bodies 330 million years ago to capture prey, but in that respect they …

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GitHub accounts are stolen by fake CircleCI accounts


Cyber ​​criminals are emerging (opens in new tab) CircleCI is trying to steal GitHub accounts, both companies have confirmed. According to the two companies, criminals are currently distributing a phishing email impersonating the CircleCI continuous integration and delivery platform. The email will be sent to GitHub users alerting them that CircleCI’s Terms of Use and …

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Nine Sources of Vitamin C to Boost Your Immune System

various fruits and vegetables high in vitamin c

Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients needed to maintain a healthy immune system, so it’s important to make sure you include adequate sources of vitamin C in your diet. But in addition to supporting our immune system, vitamin C also plays other roles in ensuring we stay healthy. According to dietitian Helen Bond, …

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