New Focal Utopia are the Ferrari of audiophile wired headphones

Focal Utopia over-ears being worn by a man, on beige background

Focal has unveiled a new set of beautiful flagship over-ears. This is no exercise, high-end headphone enthusiasts. This is the best over-ear headphone area and then some. The French audio specialist has been innovating in audio for over 40 years and its premium Utopia range – from headphones and hi-fi speakers for the home to …

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These YouTube Game Videos Spread Malware

Magnifying glass enlarging the word

A newly discovered malicious campaign distributing the RedLine Stealer infostealer comes with a very interesting self-propagation mechanism, researchers have found. Kaspersky Cybersecurity Experts Discover New Malware (opens in new tab) who logs into compromised users’ YouTube accounts and uploads a video to their channel, which RedLine Infostealer distributes. A victim, ideally a PC gamer, finds …

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JavaScript is no longer the preferred programming language for developers

It's official, these are the most popular (and lucrative) programming languages ​​right now

A new report has revealed that JavaScript is no longer the best when it comes to the world’s most popular programming languages. CircleCI’s 2022 State of Software Delivery Report (opens in new tab) found that TypeScript has now overtaken JavaScript to the number one position, knocking over one of the biggest names in the industry. …

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Whiplash burst of energy from the sun could explain solar wind

A solar flare captured by NASA

Scientists have found the first direct evidence that the sun’s magnetic field is rapidly changing direction, which could help explain the mysterious force that hurls particles through our solar system. The researchers observed the phenomenon using the Solar Orbiter probe, which is being developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and operated jointly with NASA. …

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Amazon wants to make your company’s shipping a lot cheaper

Amazon cardboard boxes sitting on doorstep

Amazon plans to launch a new version of its multi-channel shipping software Veeqo, which it says should save e-commerce businesses a lot of money. Veeqo integrates with users’ sales channels, including Amazon, as well as third-party channels such as eBay, Etsy, and Shopify, to provide access to discounted rates on services such as UPS, US …

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This tab upgrade should give Google Chrome a big speed boost

Google Chrome listing on an Android app store

Charging times on Google Chrome will soon be much faster with the release of a new feature known as “Freeze Dried Tabs”, which saves tabs as “interactive snapshots”. In a message on the Chromium blog (opens in new tab)Google claims the new feature will bring “20% noticeable acceleration” in cold startups from the browser on …

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Flaring comet tail is whipped up by solar winds in amazing astronomy photo

A white swirl of charged gases detach from Comet Leonard

An ethereal image of Comet Leonard traveling against the solar wind has won the top prize in the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. Austrian photographer Gerald Rhemann captured the view of the comet and its waving tail on Christmas Day 2021 from Namibia. Rhemann’s image reveals a ghostly veil of gas …

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