Jio to introduce satellite broadband services in India

Satellite broadband

  Buoyed by confidence, Jio has done what Elon Musk’s Starlink could not do and becomes the second company to receive the required approvals to provide satellite broadband services in India. Jio Satellite Communications, a joint venture between Reliance Industries and Luxembourg SES, had applied for the necessary permits earlier this year to beam broadband …

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AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair review

bumblebee themed AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium gaming chair against wall

AndaSeat Transformers Edition: One Minute Review The AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium gaming chair series was created in the infinite appeal of our long-gone childhood nostalgia. A line of classic Transformers-themed gaming chairs released in three variants – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron – costs $400 (about £348 / AU$594) and availability appears to be only …

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McAfee combines all your most necessary security products in one package

A white padlock on a dark digital background.

In an effort to make cybersecurity as simple and streamlined as possible, McAfee (opens in new tab) has brought all its ky security products together in one package. The antivirus powerhouse has announced McAfee+, a new offering it says includes all-new privacy, identity, and protection. The company believes that such a solution would allow users …

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Best running shoes for supination

A crouching woman tying the laces of her running shoes, she is visible from the knees down

The best running shoes for supination can save you a lot of pain. Supination refers to the tendency to run with your weight landing on the outer edge of your foot, which means you are less able to absorb the impact of each stride. If it’s not dealt with, supination can lead to an increased …

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