Beware – that WeTransfer link may be a phishing scam

Bad Bots

If you receive an email from an unknown person sharing a WeTransfer “Proof of Payment” document, be careful as it is most likely malware. Cybersecurity researchers at Cofense have discovered that threat actors are now spreading the Lampion malware in larger quantities in this way. Lampion is a well-known trojan that can steal sensitive data …

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A new tool for your laptop can help fend off eavesdroppers

Illustration of a laptop with a magnifying glass exposing a beetle on-screen

Researchers from the National University of Singapore and Yonsei University in the Republic of Korea have invented a device that can detect whether: malware uses a laptop microphone without permission. The prototype device, codenamed TickTock, described in a paper (opens in new tab) Titled ‘TickTock: Detecting Microphone Status in Laptops Using Electromagnetic Leakage from Clock …

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Razer Naga Pro Wireless review

Razer Naga Pro Wireless in a gaming setup

Razer Naga Pro Wireless: One Minute Review The Razer Naga Pro is the latest upgrade to the epitome of MMO gaming mice. Carrying over many aspects of the Naga Trinity, the Naga Pro features three interchangeable side plates with two, six and twelve programmable buttons, now adding wireless functionality to the classic design. In addition, …

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Poor security could send WFH employees back to the office

digital data lock on screen

Smart devices with poor security could force home workers to return to the office, if we are to believe research from Blackberry. New research from the company found that eight in ten – 79% – of all UK businesses reportedly fail to take steps to secure their employees’ home internet connections or provide software protection …

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Microsoft Excel update gives power users enough to dig their teeth into

Microsoft Excel

The desktop version of Microsoft Excel will soon support a nifty task automation feature previously available only to web application users, it has been revealed. according to a new entry to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, an update for the Spreadsheet software will soon enable desktop users to program and run scripts that automate repetitive manual …

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The latest Linux kernel update could wreak havoc on your VMs


Computing performance for Linux VMs with the latest kernel update could have decreased by up to 70%, new figures show. Recent research by VMWare performance engineering collaborator Manikandan Jagatheesan found that running virtual machines with the Linux distro on the ESXi hypervisor, using the latest kernel update version 5.19, could reduce computing power by more …

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Using Microsoft Teams GIFs is really a terrible idea

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams users can currently share GIF files to more accurately describe their emotions to their colleagues, but experts have warned that cybercriminals could also use them to execute malicious commands and steal sensitive data without being detected by antivirus programs (opens in new tab) tools. Cybersecurity consultant and pen tester Bobby Rauch discovered a …

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ChromeOS copies one of macOS’s best video calling features


Google is about to upgrade its ChromeOS video calling interface with a bunch of new features, reports suggest. Tech giants and even lesser-known companies are all vying to provide the best video conferencing platform in a segment of the market that has grown significantly in recent years, following an increase in home working since the …

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Repost feature is officially coming to Instagram

Instagram app logo on iOS

Instagram repost apps will soon be buried. Instagram brings an official repost feature that allows you to repost posts from others to your feed. Meta has officially confirmed to Techcrunch that it plans to test the repost feature for a small group of people soon. A Meta spokesperson revealed this to Techcrunch: “We are exploring …

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