Some Google Chrome ad blockers may stop working next year

Chrome 90 Browser for iOS

The developer of a Google Chrome ad blocker extension has admitted that their latest release doesn’t make “a lot of sense” as several key features had to be removed. Raymond Hill, the mastermind behind the popular uBlock Origin Chrome extension, made the comment in his commit the new version (opens in new tab) on GitHub, …

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Windows 11 gets some optimizations to please convertible users

Windows 11

In a new preview build for Windows 11, Microsoft is making another attempt to redesign a taskbar optimized for tablets and update the Settings menu. Changes to the taskbar on tablets have been in development for a while, as early as February 2022 (opens in new tab)before being drawn and brought back to the drawing …

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Fake Minecraft updates leave thousands of infected PCs behind

best crossplay games: Minecraft character stand on top of a cave that creepers spill out of

The number of video game-related cyber threats and attacks has risen significantly in recent months, research shows. New figures from Kaspersky suggest that gamers should be wary of a wide range of potential threats, from phishing scams to malware downloads masquerading as updates or bonus features. But far from embracing the latest and most advanced …

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What time will House of the Dragon Episode 4 be released on HBO Max?

Princess Rhaenyra and Lady Alicent stare intently at one another in House of the Dragon episode 4

Spoilers follow for House of the Dragon episodes 1 through 3. House of the Dragon Episode 4 is almost here. The hit HBO Max series is approaching its halfway point and, given what’s happened in the past few episodes, it’s only going to escalate further for the big players of House Targaryen from now on. …

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Fake websites impersonate crypto exchanges to drain victims’ wallets


Cyber ​​criminals are reportedly using fake versions of popular websites such as Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken and MetaMask in an attempt to drain victims’ bitcoin wallets. According to Netskope, criminal groups use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, in which an extensive network of bots post links to phishing pages on other websites (mainly blogs) to improve …

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You may want to disable the next visual update of your Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

Meta will soon make the Oculus Quest 2’s experimental 120Hz refresh rate option a full-fledged feature An official date has not yet been announced, but the change to the VR headset will most likely come in the next Oculus Quest 2 update. When it arrives, the roughly a year old setting goes from optional to …

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RingCentral challenges Zoom, Teams with intelligent new meeting features


The battle to be the best video conferencing platform now has a new competitor after RingCentral launched new AI capabilities that it hopes will improve accessibility and make video calling more inclusive. The company already has a suite of communication, video conferencing and collaboration tools, which are reportedly now being improved in response to “the …

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Beelink U59 Mini PC review

Beelink U59 Mini PC

Beelink is a Chinese PC maker founded in 2011 that gained more fame about six years ago with an excellent range of mini PCs. Since then, it has expanded its products to include Google TV hardware and use both AMD and Intel platforms in its machines. Today we’ll be looking at the U59, a remarkably …

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